VerifyMe™ Multi-Factor Authentication

VerifyMe, Inc. is a pioneer in Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Anti-Counterfeiting technologies. Our security solutions prevent identity theft, counterfeiting and fraud in the physical and cyber worlds. VerifyMe’s solutions can work on a standalone basis or together in a fully integrated, all encompassing security solution.

Fast and Easy

VerifyMe ID Services replaces passwords and PINs with a quick, intuitive and user-friendly interface. VerifyMe customers are able to authenticate end users in multiple ways (multi-factor) in the same timeframe as a conventional password login. The Service is platform agnostic (available for IOS, Android, Mac and PC), and scalable for use on wearable personal devices.

Support Any Model

VerifyMe has the ability to authenticate individuals using facial recognition, fingerprint, voice, retina scanning, swipe pattern recognition, location detection and approved IP detection. With VerifyMe, you can provide the highest levels of confidence, security and account protection to your customers, all within seconds. VerifyMe ID Services are not limited to specific authentication factors. We can support any available authentication mechanism. Where your service requires policy driven authentication mechanisms, we can deliver. VerifyMe is constantly adding new authentication mechanisms e.g. wearable devices, new biometrics etc.

Multi-Factor Confidence

Depending on the desired level of confidence, different online and mobile application accounts can require varying quality scores. As the desired level of security increases, so does the required quality score to complete a sign-in transaction. As the quality score increases, additional authentication factors are added to the sign-in process..

Secure Platform, Easy to Integrate

VerifyMe ID Services can be delivered either as managed services from our secure cloud or we can deliver licensed software which you operate with your existing infrastructure.

► Available to be white-labeled and integrated into existing
digital platforms.
► Non-Stop, audited, monitored, private cloud service
► 3 independent, fault tolerant, redundant data centers
► Global load balancing and traffic management
► High level commercial API’s can be integrated in hours
► Complete audit information including fresh biometrics

Video Presentation of the VerifyMe app working in conjunction with a demo website for secure login and authentication

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